Mathieu Eveillard

Senior Fullstack JavaScript Developer, Trainer & Technical Coach
10 years experience

Hi! I build software, teach programming and write articles. I started programming when I was 10 by making games on a Texas Instrument TI-82 calculator, first in Basic, then in Assembly, C and C++. I hold an Engineer Degree of the Ecole Polytechnique, 1st ranked French engineering school which offers a wide multidisciplinary scientific education, in particular in theoretical computer sciences.

I'm based in Paris and currently work at Arolla as a software developer and coach. My areas of focus are Single Page Applications, Functional and Reactive programming in TypeScript, software craftsmanship and agility. Though not an expert, I also have a strong sensitivity to UX.

Prior to joining Arolla, I founded a social-oriented company providing access to energy to low-income people, then worked as a project director on a bunch of very large web applications (up to 5000 man-days).

Art is another important dimension of my life. I'm mostly interested in photography and drawing as well as playing the piano and writing poetry. Also, previously, I ran a lot and I hit a few respectable personal bests: 36'04'' (10km), 1h19' (half-marathon) and 3h02' (marathon).

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I work at Arolla and I can provide you with three types of services. Please contact me preferably by email.

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